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Ra-teck is a best Automation Training Institute, SCADA Training Institute, CNC Training Institute, PLC Training Institute, HMI Training Institute in Pune

HMI(Human Machine Interface) is the user interface in a manufacturing or process control system. It provides a graphics-based visualization of an industrial control and monitoring system. HMI is typically local to one machine or piece of equipment, and is the interface method between the human and the equipment / machine.

An operator interface is the interface method by which multiple equipment that are linked by a host control system is accessed or controlled. Automotive, Communications, Commercial Aviation, Data Centre, Defence, Industrial, Medical, System Solutions.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction To HMI
  • Architecture Of HMI
  • Interfacing And Networking With PLC
  • Creating Screens
  • Creating Tag Database
  • Function Keys
  • Alarm Display, Recipe, Bar Graph, Etc.
  • Upload And Download

HMI Brands

  • Siemens KTP 600 Basic color PN (Key Touch Panel)
  • Siemens TP177A DP (Touch Panel)
  • Delta DOP-B07S411 (Touch Panel)
  • Mitsubishi GS Series
  • Introduction of HMI
  • Role of HMI in Industries
  • Interface and Networking with PLC
  • Creating Screens
  • Creating Tag database
  • Create Alarm Display, BAR graph
  • Input and Output Display
  • Numerical and Characters Display Etc.
  • Upload and Download